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Dr. Johannes Wiele

Email: johannes (at) wiele (dot) com

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Information security consultant specialized in information security management, PCI DSS, information security awareness and data protection. Published author writing for magazines like LANline, <kes> und DuD.  Member of the ENISA Information Security Awareness Community.  Scientific work covering psychology of information security and anonymity research.

Current Occupation

Managing Security Consultant - IBM Deutschland GmbH

Information security: Strategic consulting, SIEM, SOC, human factors
: Auditing and Consulting (Qualified Security Auditor, QSA)
Data protection: Data discovery, consulting (GDD-certified data protection officer)
Universities: 2014-2015 associate lecturer covering "Human Factors of Information Security" at the Institute for Internet Security if(is), Gelsenkirchen, previous engagements as co-teacher and researcher covering "Psychology of Information Security" at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, and associate lecturer covering "Evolutionary Systems" at Karlshochschule International University, Karlsruhe.

Publications and Presentations


  • Scientific blog covering the Venetian anonymity concept and anonymity on the internet:
  • Doctoral thesis on the concept of history in the writings of E.T.A. Hoffmanns: "Vergangenheit als innere Welt"
  • Study on interrelations between censorship executed by the Catholic Church and the Nazi regime in Germany: "Mit Hitler gegen jüdischen Schund"

 Information Security and Data Protection


  • Complete publications list as PDF document
  • Complete list of presentations and third party coverage of own projects as PDF or HTML document


Current projects


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